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憲法第十二條 公共財產不可侵犯

       Socialist public property is sacred and inviolable.The state shall protect socialist public property. It is prohibited for any organization or individual to seize or damage state or collective property by any means.社會主義的公共財產神圣...

憲法第十一條 非公有制經濟

       Non-public economic sectors that are within the scope?prescribed by law, such as individually owned and private businesses, are an important component of the socialist market economy.The state shall?protect the lawful rights and interes...

憲法第十條 土地制度

       Land in cities is owned by the state.Land in rural and suburban areas is owned by collectives except for that which belongs to the state as prescribed by law; housing sites and cropland and hillsides allotted for private use are also owne...

憲法第九條 自然資源

       All mineral resources, waters, forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed land, mudflats and other natural resources are owned by the state, that is, by the whole people,?except for the forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed land a...

憲法第八條 集體經濟

       Rural collective economic organizations shall?practice a two-tiered system of both unified and separate operations with household contract management as its basis. Rural economic cooperatives —?producer, supply and marketing, credit an...

憲法第七條 國有經濟

       The state sector of the economy, that is, the sector of the socialist economy under ownership by the whole people, shall be the leading force in the economy. The state shall ensure the consolidation and development of the state sector of ...